How it all Started

Established in 2005 under the visionary leadership of İhsan Bektaş, Kalkan Beach Park stands as a pristine oasis spanning an impressive expanse of 15,823 square meters. Distinguished as the solitary 🇺🇳 blue-flagged enterprise of the western Mediterranean privately owned, its distinguished credentials set it apart. Nestled within its refined enclave, the harmonious coexistence of the illustrious Kalkan Beach Park tourism business and the opulent Green Beach Hotel beckon discerning travelers. Having commenced operations in the year 2022, the hotel boasts a collection of 28 lavish rooms, epitomizing the pinnacle of sophisticated accommodation. Poised for further magnification, Kalkan Beach Park anticipates an expansion in 2023 that will see the introduction of four exclusive villas, an exquisite testament to its unwavering commitment to unparalleled hospitality.